Choose independent software quality validation for your digital product and be ever-safe in promoting your good reputation.



Adjusting to you and your specific needs, we respond with project or effort based solutions up to long-term partnership via dedicated teams for your software quality needs.

Software testing

Choosing right testing type and approach, our QA Engineers empower your development to be able to focus on new features and products coming their way, while knowing we have their back, effectively collecting and processing issues emerging from development and integration.


Our flexible team size is designed to meet your current and future needs. Whether you want a smaller or bigger team working on your product, depending on project ongoing status, we have teams ready to take over almost immediately. They can be managed by AssertQA or with your in-house QA Manager.

Automation testing

While not underestimating the value of manual testing, we consider automation testing as an essential part of quality assurance process. In order to assure the permanent quality of your digital product, automation QA Engineer is irreplaceable time and cost savings factor.

Mobile testing

Understanding the customer’s habits is a priority for us. This is why we take special attention to mobile testing on Android and iOS devices. Our team is experienced where to focus in order to get your product working like a swiss clock on mobile devices of your choosing.

Blockchain testing

Yup! We are doing this as well. We know when things go wrong with blockchain applications, the situation can get really ugly, really fast. Recognizing the impact of blockchain technology and its application in everyday business, our blockchain QA Unit can verify that your product is in good health.

The truth is, we are extremely excited about testing and we just love a good challenge. Instead of changing the way you work, find the right partner to do it your way. Contact AssertQA to find out more.








AssertQA considers that a good preparation is the half the victory. The starting stage is structured Analysis of your needs and business requirements. This is where we get to know you and your product, as well as the existing development process. What our experience has taught us so far is to be very diligent in setting a viable strategy, after which you will be presented with a complete Test Strategy containing test approach and estimated timelines.


The second stage of our approach is The Integration. This is where we integrate our QA team in your internal infrastructure and development process, complying to your security standards and policies, almost momentarily adapting to your methodology, without disturbing your accustomed business equilibrium.


Next is The Design Stage where you will become fully aware of our involvement, adjusting to your priorities, budget and timelines. Here, we start to develop test cases to address your product’s needs for quality. As soon as the product requirement is delivered to the development team, we begin to work on test cases to address agreed priorities.


Test case execution is the moment in which you are going to be in the fourth phase. Once a product is delivered to the QA environment, execution of previously designed test cases starts. In this stage, all test cases are being executed, issues logged in the tool of your choosing, features returned for correction and tested again until they meet given requirements.


Once your product is good to go in production, you will be present with a transparent Report with all our activities and necessary information regarding the current quality of your product. The Report will also contain detailed statistic data, which will be useful for your future operations.


AssertQA works with you! With decades of combined experience in providing services across various sectors of IT industry, we don’t just take care of your digital products - we maintain the lasting stability and the quality deliverance for our clients.

AssertQA is the guardian of your reputation! We provide a software risk assessment to your in-house team at any given point of the development cycle.








Home of the largest investors in the region, favourable business environment, strong technical education and deeply rooted mindset of getting the job done! Of course, and the home of AssertQA!

Serbia, with its tech center City of Belgrade, is home for 2000+ successful IT companies with more than 30.000 IT specialists working for them. With all the major players already here, more and more companies are registering their offices in Belgrade, trying to get their hands on local talent pool before others. Strategically located between West and East, with clear pathway to leading markets, only one hour ahead of UTC, it is perfectly positioned so that you can make the most of your expansion needs.

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